Task-based agricultural mobile robots in arable farming: A review

  • Krishnaswamy R. Aravind SASTRA University, School of Mechanical Engineering, Thanjavur-613401, Tamil Nadu
  • Purushothaman Raja SASTRA University, School of Mechanical Engineering, Thanjavur-613401, Tamil Nadu
  • Manuel Pérez-Ruiz University of Seville, Area of Agroforestry Engineering, Dept. Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics, Ctra. Sevilla-Utrera km1, Sevilla 41013
Keywords: precision agriculture, task-based agricultural robots, soil analysis, seeding, weed detection, harvesting, crop scouting robot


In agriculture (in the context of this paper, the terms “agriculture” and “farming” refer to only the farming of crops and exclude the farming of animals), smart farming and automated agricultural technology have emerged as promising methodologies for increasing the crop productivity without sacrificing produce quality. The emergence of various robotics technologies has facilitated the application of these techniques in agricultural processes. However, incorporating this technology in farms has proven to be challenging because of the large variations in shape, size, rate and type of growth, type of produce, and environmental requirements for different types of crops. Agricultural processes are chains of systematic, repetitive, and time-dependent tasks. However, some agricultural processes differ based on the type of farming, namely permanent crop farming and arable farming. Permanent crop farming includes permanent crops or woody plants such as orchards and vineyards whereas arable farmingincludestemporary crops such as wheat and rice. Major operations in open arable farming include tilling, soil analysis, seeding, transplanting, crop scouting, pest control, weed removal and harvesting and robots can assist in performing all of these tasks. Each specific operation requires axillary devices and sensors with specific functions. This article reviews the latest advances in the application of mobile robots in these agricultural operations for open arable farming and provide an overview of the systems and techniques that are used. This article also discusses various challenges for future improvements in using reliable mobile robots for arable farming.


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