Optimization of macroelement contents in raspberry leaves by liming in an extremely acid soil

  • B. Sikiric Institute of Soil Science. Teodora Drajzera. Belgrade
  • D. Cakmak Institute of Soil Science. Belgrade
  • E. Saljnikov Institute of Soil Science. Belgrade
  • V. Mrvic Institute of Soil Science. Belgrade
  • M. Jakovljevic Faculty of Agriculture. Belgrade
  • O. Stajkovic Institute of Soil Science. Belgrade
  • D. Bogdanovic Faculty of Agriculture. Novi Sad.
Keywords: amelioration of acid soils, macronutrient concentration, raspberry cultivation, Rubus idaeus L.


Raspberries thrive best in an acid soil. However, if the soil pH is lower than 5.6, lime application is necessary. In this study the effects of lime and dolomite application in combination with NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer (600 kg ha–1) on the macroelement contents (N, P, K, Ca, and Mg) in an extremely acid soil (pH 4.35) and raspberry leaves were evaluated during a three-year period. Optimal pH value for raspberry cultivation (5.84) was achieved with the application of 9 t ha

–1 of lime. The mineral nitrogen (NH4+NO3)-N content and P content in the soil after liming increased significantly, but P concentration stayed below the optimal values. Additionally, no changes were noted in K concentration in the soil. The Ca concentration increased significantly in all treatments, while the Mg content increased significantly only in the treatment with dolomite. The N content in the raspberry leaves increased, but K content decreased after liming. There was no change in P content in the leaves affected by liming. Lime increased Ca content in the leaves above the optimal values, while it did not affect the initially optimal Mg content in the leaves. After liming and NPK fertilization, the concentrations of N, P and K in the leaves were still below the optimal values, indicating a need for the combination of higher rates of fertilizer with lime in raspberry cultivation in very acid soils.


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