Prediction of growth performance parameters in the growing and free-range finishing phases of the Iberian pig via meta-analysis

Keywords: average daily weight gain, montanera, dehesa


Aim of study: To describe and predict mathematically the growth parameters of Iberian pigs.

Area of study: Iberian dehesa agroforestry system. Southwest of Iberian Peninsula.

Material and methods: A quantitative and systematic review was carried out to find all studies with valid data of growth and finishing in the Iberian swine breed published up to May 2020. For the analysis of the data, a mathematical fitting model was obtained and a function was postulated to describe the relation between the variables age and body weight.

Main results: 112 publications were found, and after applying several quality filters, 18 with age and weight matched data were used. The database was composed of 76 different tests and 22,558 animals. The clasical growth phases were independently evaluated for data analysis.It was necessary to separate the finishing trials into three groups according to the starting age. Seven mathematical models were obtained for lactation,post-weaning, and montanera finishing. However, no valid test data were found during the growth and prefinishing phases. Besides that, a single model was obtained combining lactation and post-weaning, and another surface model including the variables age and weight to compare average daily weight gain in montanera finishing phase.

Research highlights: After systematic review of the studies that provide information on the growth of Iberian pigs, and a quantitative analysis, some mathematical linear and nonlinear models have been developed for the prediction of the production ratios at different phases.


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