Land leveling and cover cropping impacts on chemical and biological properties of paddy soil

Keywords: land consolidation, metabolic quotient, soil removal, soil management


Aim of study: To examine the impact of solitary land leveling and its combination with cover cropping on the chemical and biological characteristics of paddy soil.

Area of study: This research focused on paddy fields located in Guilan Province, situated in northern Iran. Specifically, two sites were chosen for investigation, where land leveling had been conducted 5 years and 2 years prior to this study, respectively. Furthermore, cover cropping was implemented during the second year after the latter area's land leveling.

Material and methods: A total of 80 composite soil samples were collected, with 20 samples gathered from both leveled and unleveled plots at the designated study sites. Various soil chemical and biological properties such as organic carbon, total nitrogen, available phosphorus, exchangeable potassium, microbial respiration, and biomass carbon were quantified. Subsequently, a paired t-test was employed to analyze the impact of land leveling and the combined effects of land leveling with cover cropping on soil attributes.

Main results: The study revealed that five years after land leveling, there was a significant decrease in organic carbon, total nitrogen, microbial respiration, and biomass carbon. In contrast, the area leveled and cover cropped for two years exhibited higher levels of these attributes compared to adjacent unleveled parcels.

Research highlights: This study highlights the distinct effects that solitary land leveling and land leveling combined with sustainable practices like cover cropping have on soil attributes.


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